A new approach to salaries and taxes

Features of Merit Palk cover all salary accounting needs. No matter how simple or complex the salary system of your company, Merit Palk will help you complete accounting quickly in any case.

It is easy to start work because employee and employment contract data can be imported from the employment register.

Merit Palk allows you to switch between different months with just one click. Thus, if any document (e.g. a certificate of incapacity for work) is submitted late, it is easy to make changes in previous months and data can be organised with just a few clicks.

What makes Merit Palk especially convenient to use is the fact that it also offers solutions for less common situations – calculation of incapacity for work, study and maternity leave, average pay, and special cases of social tax calculation.

Main functions

  • Import of personal data and employment contracts from the employment register.
  • Different types of base pay (monthly or hourly calculation, etc.). Flexibility to change the type and amount of base pay.
  • An unlimited number of additional remuneration types for each person.
  • Sickness, holidays, and other interruptions of work. Automatic calculation of the corresponding pay.
  • Holiday accrual calculation.
  • Withheld amounts (e.g. alimony).
  • Well-designed, informative, email-friendly payslips for employees.
  • Payment order issuance for the bank.
  • Automatic generation of tax return and automatic forwarding to the Tax and Customs Board.
  • A wide range of comprehensive reports.
  • Statistics reports.
  • Division of employees according to departments, positions, and work groups.
  • Import of payments from external time and pay tracker systems.
  • An unlimited number of companies in one single program.
  • Automatically updated tax rates.