A new approach to salaries and taxes

Download the program on your computer and give it a try! Accounting of salaries using Merit Palk is unbelievably easy. If necessary, our experienced consultants (tel 776 9333) and the manual to start work will help you.

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When your press the “Download” button Merit Palk will be installed on your computer. The downloaded program can be used for free to account for the salary of up to two employees. In case of a greater number of employees you need a licence key. When you enter the key the limitation of two employees will be removed. If you need any help with downloading or use of the program, feel free to call us on our free consultation telephone at 776 9333 or send us an e-mail to klienditugi@merit.ee.

Our wish is to offer you easy-to-use salary software with the best quality and the biggest range of options. We welcome all customer suggestions on how to make the program better at the customer support address given above.

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