Calculating of salaries and taxes is simple and fast

Merit Palk users find that accounting of salaries is simple and problem-free work. Merit Palk is the only salary program where tax rates are updated automatically, thanks to which the tax accounting is always 100% correct. Merit Palk is free for one or two employees.

Merit Palk is a modern salary program in which professional possibilities are combined with easy use. You do not have to study all nuances of different charges and taxes in depth – the program already possesses all this knowledge.

Merit Palk is the most popular salary program in Estonia. Merit Palk is used for salary accounting in over 10 000 companies for over 75 000 employees. Start of work is very easy, as employees and contracts can be imported from the employment register.

If you need a program for the accounting of your first employee, or if you are still maintaining salary accounting in Excel or any other salary accounting program even for a few hundred employees, we recommend that you try Merit Palk. You will immediately notice how much time you save, and the work will be much easier.
No matter which accounting program you use, Merit Palk is the best choice for salary accounting in any case. The use of Merit Palk for a company with one or two employees is free.

What Merit Palk will give you

  • A lot of time saved on accounting of salaries and declaration of taxes.
  • Complete confidence that salaries and taxes are always correct.
  • Recipients of salaries will be thankful for clear, understandable, and informative salary notifications.
  • You will never need to pay any additional charges other than the price of the licence. All updates to the program and tax accounting are included in the price.
  • The best customer support in Estonia. Your questions will be answered by consultants who maintain salary accounting on a daily basis. We will answer your questions via telephone and e-mail for free. If you want, you can have a consultant visit you.
  • Free technical support.
  • Free storage of data on a safe cloud server.

Advantages of Merit Palk

  • Starting work with Merit Palk is very simple. You import employees and employment contracts from the employment register, and tax rates and settings are already included in the program. You will complete accounting and payment of salaries with just a few clicks.
  • Merit Palk is the only professional salary program in Estonia. Many software producers have their own salary module, but only Merit Palk is a salary program with a separate development team, which guarantees constant development, well-thought-through solutions, and the best quality.
  • Merit Palk can be used with all business programs. No matter what business program you use, you will be able to make entries in your accounting from Merit Palk in any case.
  • With Merit Palk you will be able to maintain salary accounting of a few companies, as the number of companies is unlimited, and addition of new companies does not cost anything.
  • Free package for companies with up to two employees.

Try Merit Palk for free

With the free Merit Palk package you will be able to maintain accounting for up to two employees. There are no other limitations for the free package. If you don’t have more employees, you can complete your entire work with the free package. If the number of employees is greater, you can use the free package to try the suitability of the program.
Ask for advice or additional information via our customer support telephone on 776 9333.

Price and ordering of Merit Palk

Merit Palk can be paid for with yearly or monthly payments. Prices listed do not include value added tax. Use of Merit Palk for a company with one or two employees is free.
  • Palk 5

    Up to 5 employees

  • Palk 10

    Up to 10 employees

  • Palk 30

    Up to 30 employees

  • Palk 80

    Up to 80 employees

  • Palk 150

    Up to 150 employees

  • Palk Unlimited

    Unlimited number of employees