A new approach to salaries and taxes

Merit Palk is much more than just an app to calculate wages. It is an easy-to-use solution for staying on top of payroll data without having to worry about the details. Built-in functions streamline your work and automatic tax rate updates ensure that all taxes are always up to date. And here’s some good news for small businesses – companies with one or two employees enjoy all benefits of Merit Palk for free.

Stay focused

Merit Palk combines user-friendly interface and rich functionality to deliver a professional experience that lets you get started right away. All necessary tax rates and charges are configured by default, so just import the employees and contracts from the registry and the tax settings are applied for you. Salary calculation and payment have just become easier than ever before with all tools being just a few clicks away.

Stay in focus

Our customers are our first priority. We have assigned a separate development team to work on Merit Palk full time, allowing us to guarantee continuous improvement, good planning, excellent execution and outstanding quality, while always improving through the feedback from our users.

Tailored to your needs

Accounting requirements of large companies are much different than those of a small business. Whether you’re working with a single employee or run a large enterprise, Merit Palk offers reliable tools and professional solutions that easily scale to your company’s needs. Time to say goodbye to Excel spreadsheets.

Truly unlimited

Merit Palk is designed to help you thrive. You can maintain salary accounting for as many companies as you wish and easily add companies without ever paying extra. There’s no catch to it.

Merit Palk gives you

  • Time-saving features for your daily tasks.
  • Full confidence knowing that salary and tax calculations are always correct.
  • Clear and comprehensible invoices that the recipients appreciate.
  • Complete transparency regarding payments – you never have to pay anything other than the license fee.
  • High-quality customer support team of professional accountants dealing with salary accounting on daily basis.
  • Free technical support.
  • Free storage space in the cloud.

Try out Merit Palk now

Get a free plan of Merit Palk to test the application in your company or, in case there’s up to two employees, run the whole accounting for free without any limitations.

Call our customer support for advice and more details: +372 776 9333.



Merit Palk plans are paid monthly. Prices listed do not include VAT. Companies with one or two employees are entitled to use the software for free. From 1.01.2023, the price of the license includes 2 companies, each additional company is 2 €+VAT / month.
  • Palk 5

    Up to 5 employees

    6 €/month
  • Palk 10

    Up to 10 employees

    10 €/month
  • Palk 30

    Up to 30 employees

    20 €/month
  • Palk 80

    Up to 80 employees

    39 €/month
  • Palk 150

    Up to 150 employees

    99 €/month
  • Palk Unlimited

    Unlimited number of employees

    169 €/month