Price list of Merit software

Merit Aktiva

Merit Aktiva gives you a full set of modern work means for accounting and business management: sale, purchase, e-invoices, bank, cash on hand, finances, fixed assets, warehouse, items of expenditure and projects, and many others. Accounting can be maintained for an unlimited number of companies without an additional charge. The price includes all updates.

 Monthly feeYearly fee
Merit Aktiva 100 documents package*freefree
Merit Aktiva Standard19149
Merit Aktiva Pro29219
Merit Aktiva Premium39319
Additional user for sales invoicesfreefree
Additional user with full rights1099
Sales and purchase invoice import from xml-file (per company)1099

Prices do not include value added tax.

* The Merit Aktiva 100 documents package allows you to enter 100 sales invoices, 100 purchase invoices, and 100 ledger entries. The free package of the cloud version allows use of all functions in the extended package. Time of use is unlimited. When the volume of the free version grows, we recommend transferring to the full version without limitations. All entered data is saved during transfer.

Merit Aktiva cloud version works on computers and mobile devices which have Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Linux, or Android operating systems. We recommend using Google Chrome browser.

Aktiva packages can be compared here.

Merit Palk

Merit Palk is Estonia’s most professional salary program with the best customer support. Salary accounting can be maintained for an unlimited number of companies without additional charge. The price of the program depends on the number of employees, and payments can be made on a monthly basis or as a single payment for the entire year. If you maintain accounting for a few companies, you must choose a package according to the company with the largest number of employees.

 Number of employees per one companyMonthly feeYearly fee
Merit Palk 22freefree
Merit Palk 55659
Merit Palk 10101099
Merit Palk 303017159
Merit Palk 808029279
Merit Palk 15015079679
Merit Palk unlimitedunlimited1291149
Additional user19129

Prices do not include value added tax.

Merit Palk free version

Merit Palk can be used for free for accounting for the salary of up to two employees. Time of use is unlimited. If you transfer to a package with a larger number of employees, all previously entered data is preserved. “Merit Palk 2” does not require a licence key. Just download the program on your computer and begin using it.

Money back guarantee

Purchase of Merit Aktiva and Merit Palk is completely risk-free. If the software does not suit you for whatever reason, we will refund you 100% of your money. Simply send us an application within 60 days of the date of the initial purchase invoice via e-mail, and we will refund you the money in full.

Merit Aktiva and Merit Palk licence terms and conditions

  • We issue invoices once a month or once a year, according to the selected payment method.
  • After the payment is transferred, we automatically open the rights of use for the cloud version Merit Aktiva or Merit Palk.
  • The price includes all new updates, data storage in secure cloud server, and free customer service during the entire validity period of the licence.
  • The user can terminate the use of the program at their own initiative at any time by informing us thereof in advance. Payments that have been made are not refunded.
    Exception: If you wish to cancel use of Merit Aktiva or Merit Palk within 60 days following the initial purchase, we will refund you the entire amount you paid on the basis of your application.
  • After expiry of the licence validity period, the data cannot be entered for the period after the date of expiry of the licence; however, the right to use the program for processing the data of previous periods remains.
  • If additional users are purchased subsequently for the main user’s licence or the package is extended, the end date for validity of licences of additional users and additions to the package is the same as for the licence of the main user. If the software is used on the basis of a yearly payment, the payment of an additional user for the first year is proportionate to the time remaining before expiry of the main user’s licence.