IT services – development and support for information systems

Does it sometimes feel that your computer is operating much slower than it used to? Are you experiencing technical issues? Then it might be the perfect time to call our specialists to help you out, whether it to assist you in building a new Wi-Fi network or simply installing a printer. Our technicians have proven experience in helping customers in a proactive, competent and cooperative manner.

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Professional IT services

Several thousand companies, ranging from small to large ones, rely on our IT services that include comprehensive technical assistance on-site or via a remote connection, network building, server setups and maintenance. All services are available based on a fixed contract or as standalone services.

Maintenance and support contracts

A contract gives you full confidence in the knowledge that all your operations will be backed by our professionals as the first order of business, as we always give priority to our contractual customers. In most cases, a fixed contract that has been tailored to your needs is the most reliable and cost-effective way to ensure a stable working environment.

Technical assistance from anywhere

We are happy to help you out even without a contract, should you prefer this option. Our engineers are able to solve any issues related to computers or computer networks, no matter how complex. From simple things such as replacing a printer or transferring Merit Aktiva and Merit Palk from one computer to another, to more complex server setups – in all cases, you will receive quick and professional assistance.

What we offer

  • Software and hardware failure recoveries
  • Windows/Linux setups
  • Antivirus and firewall setups
  • Data back-ups and recoveries
  • Hardware maintenance
  • Computer capacity checks and registry cleaning
  • File system optimisation
  • Building stable networks
  • Server installations
  • … and much more.

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AVG AntiVirus

No computer should work without antivirus protection. However, not all antivirus programs are equally good. Only the best can ensure the safety of your working environment and the preservation of your valuable data. In tests of antivirus programs, AVG always rates among the best, which is why you can feel completely confident that viruses will not interfere with your work. We only use AVG AntiVirus in our company.

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