IT services – development and support of information systems

If you feel that work with your computer is going slower, or if you experience any technical failures, then it’s the right time to call specialists to help you out, even if you need to install a new WiFi network, printer, or any other device. Our specialists will provide you services ensuring top-level competence, a friendly approach, and readiness to help.

If you use Merit software, then you can be confident that our IT engineers possess the best competence for development of your system and prevention of failures.

IT services

Our IT services are used by several thousand companies, from small to large. You can choose either a fixed contract or a single order.

  • Maintenance and support contracts ensure a stable working environment and prevent possible problems.
  • Comprehensive technical assistance, including fast assistance via remote administration.
  • Network building works.
  • Setup, installation, and maintenance of servers.

Maintenance and support contracts

A fixed contract ensures the best guarantee your computers will operate without failures. We provide services and always give priority to our contractual customers. We agree on content and regularity of the works according to your requirements. In most cases a fixed contract is the most reliable and cost-effective opportunity to ensure a stable working environment.

Comprehensive technical assistance, including fast assistance via remote administration

Even if you do not have a fixed contract with us, you can use the assistance of our IT specialists. Our engineers can solve problems with any computer or computer network, no matter how complex they are. From a simple thing such as replacement of a printer or transfer of Merit Aktiva and Merit Palk from one computer to another, to more complex setup of servers – in any case you will get quick assistance from us.


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Some examples of our works

  • correction of software and hardware failures
  • printing setup
  • addition of programs and computers to the computer network, network setup
  • setup of Windows and installation of security updates
  • checking correct operation and setup of the antivirus and firewall
  • setup of a system for making backup copies
  • restoration of data
  • technical maintenance of computers
  • checking computer capacity and cleaning registers
  • proper arrangement of the file system

Network building works

We build stable and fast computer networks. We use copper and optical fibre cables, and we observe the most modern standards.

  • Design
  • Delivery and installation of cables
  • Installation of server cabinets and racks


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We will help you find a server with the optimal capacity for your computer network.

  • Installation of servers.
  • Installation and setup of Linux and Windows server operating systems.


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AVG antivirus

Safe use of a computer today is unthinkable without a proper antivirus. And why not use the best in the world?

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