AVG antivirus

No computer should work without antivirus protection. However, not all antivirus programs are equally good. Only the best can ensure the safety of your working environment and preservation of your valuable data. In tests of antivirus programs, AVG always rates among the best, which is why you can feel completely confident that viruses will not interfere with your work. We only use AVG antivirus in our company.

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Protect yourself against computer viruses and loss of data!

Timely installed antivirus will let you work safely and ensure the preservation of your valuable data. Even if you work with the most modern computer, remember the old saying: better safe than sorry.

AVG antivirus is a multiple-award-winning product that belongs to the absolute top class of modern antivirus software. You can find out more about the awards here: www.grisoft.com/ww.awards

AVG antivirus removes viruses from incoming e-mails, in this way blocking one of the most dangerous intrusion channels. The program can be set up to sort out undesirable or suspicious e-mails.

Unlike many other antivirus programs, AVG does not use excessive computer resources, while being completely reliable. The setup process is very user-friendly, and any user will understand the required moves very quickly. AVG AntiVirus works with all Windows and Linux operating systems.

In addition to standard antivirus protection, we also offer the AVG AntiVirus program together with a firewall.

The firewall helps you protect your computer from computer viruses distributed during hacker attacks. Communication between networks is performed only through the firewall – viruses and other malware cannot pass through it and create a direct connection between the networks in any direction.

AVG Internet Security checks webpages before they are opened and warns you of possible threats. No other antivirus software includes this function. In the results of search engines (for example, Google) safe webpages are marked with a green “star”.

The antivirus blocks all possible intrusion channels suitable for viruses. A unique combination of different virus detection methods used by AVG (heuristic analysis, scanning and integrity check) ensure maximum protection of your computer.

The validity period of the AVG antivirus licence is 2 years, during which the user receives free updates and the producer’s technical support. Naturally, we also provide our technical support for all software purchased from us. When the licence expires it is possible to buy a program upgrade at a discount.

Recommendations for use of antivirus software

  • No antivirus can substitute backup copies. Always make backup copies of your information and store the copies safely.
  • Check all files downloaded from the Internet for absence of viruses.
  • Allow your antivirus program to update itself automatically.
  • Do not allow strangers to use your computer.

Merit Software is an official distributor of AVG antivirus

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AVG Price List


 2 years1 year
AVG AntiVirus 1 computer43,9929,99
AVG AntiVirus 2 computers58,9938,99
AVG AntiVirus 3 computers65,9943,99
AVG AntiVirus 4 computers83,9955,99
AVG AntiVirus 5 computers101,9967,99
AVG AntiVirus 6 computers114,9976,99
AVG AntiVirus 7 computers127,9984,99
AVG AntiVirus 8 computers140,9993,99
AVG AntiVirus 9 computers153,99102,99
AVG AntiVirus 10 computers165,99110,99

Ordering AVG antivirus

If you want to create a safe environment on your computer, call 617 7111 or write merit@merit.ee, and order AVG antivirus.