Accounting software Merit Aktiva

Read what Merit Aktiva users say about the software and customer support. We received the largest part of these opinions during the annual survey of Aktiva users.

Assessments of Merit Aktiva by users

I get inspired by your products and exceptionally customer-oriented customer support again and again.

This week I started using the cloud version of Aktiva, and I am so happy with it again! Just how much more simple, convenient, and logical the user interface has been made and how many new options have been added – for example, automatic entry of supplier or customer data by name, or immediate entry of bank payment into a purchase invoice, etc.

I think that in case of your organisation the mission and values are substantial and meaningful, and one can truly sense that they are not just nice words written by somebody for creation of a public image.

Asko Uri
KehaMeeleKool / Kasulik Koolitus
Head of training
I really like Merit, especially because the program is logical and simple, i.e. genius.

Right now I am taking over one company which uses a program that is barely worth mention – I have to prepare the annual report manually, etc. All this makes me feel special appreciation for my Merit.

Ene-Eeva Karu
Liiliana OÜ
All information regarding all updates, be it a program update or updates arising from the law, is promptly available, saying that an update is coming and when it will be ready.
The program includes everything required for maintaining company accounting. It is relatively easy to use, and the customer support is good and readily available.
The program is perfectly suitable for smaller companies. Everything necessary is available and the price is relatively good.
We are very pleased with the use of Merit Aktiva. Their staff is very helpful and has a good attitude.
Very simple to use, plenty of functions, and every year many new useful changes are made to the program, making it even more convenient to use.
I have also tried other accounting programs, but Merit Aktiva feels like the most user-friendly one. I am also satisfied with Merit Aktiva’s customer support.
For me, working with Merit Aktiva is simpler than, for example, with StandardHansa.
It fits smaller companies very well. It is perfectly possible to learn how to use it on your own. You offer good support and the price is reasonable.