Accounting software Merit Aktiva

Easy to use and learn, Merit Aktiva is a powerful tool for easier accounting. It doesn’t just do the trick – it helps even the most experienced professionals produce better results faster, better and more efficiently. You can manage as many company accounts as you wish without ever paying extra. The cloud technology helps you to reduce any time inefficiencies by making it simple to share the work from wherever you are.

Modern tools for modern people

Merit Aktiva is designed for the way accountants work today, empowering you to save time and stay synced on any device with Internet access.

Our solutions, your numbers

There is no limit to the number of companies you can connect to the service. Merit Aktiva supports multiple companies and users, enabling you to manage all your clients’ data in one central place with ensured compliance.

Be a part of the community

Merit Aktiva — the most popular accounting application in Estonia — is used in more than 60,000 companies. All customers benefit from free support to get the most out of the software and reach accounting and compliance goals. Just watch us go the extra mile.


Work on your terms

Discover new possibilities of the cloud technology pushing your productivity to new heights and saving your most valuable resource – time. Merit Aktiva gives you everything you need to get the work done quickly and effectively, including automatic bank statement matching and sending or receiving e-invoices.

Expand the reach

Merit Aktiva is developed in Estonia, but we like to think big. Companies has expanded in Polish markets can benefit from fully localized versions of our software for both countries.

  • In Poland, Aktiva is known under the trademark 360 Księgowość. Learn more here:


Why choose Merit Aktiva?

  • Easy to use.
  • Free customer support in your language via telephone and e-mail.
  • Updates included – no additional fees.
  • Professional advice from our accountants.
  • Access from anywhere with Internet connection.
  • An unlimited number of users with the right to enter sales invoices.
  • Free fully functional trial version (for 100 sales invoices + 100 purchase invoices + 100 ledger entries) with all data transferred to the paid subscription. You can use Merit Aktiva for free up to 6 months. If the volume of documents will be used sooner, you need to upgrade before 6 months.

Get started with your free trial today

The trial package is a completely free version of Merit Aktiva offering all features of the extended Premium package without any time limitations. You can enter up to 100 sales invoices, 100 purchase invoices and 100 ledger entries with all your trial data transferred to the subscription afterwards. You can use Merit Aktiva for free up to 6 months. If the volume of documents will be used sooner, you need to upgrade before 6 months. No data loss, no reduced functionality!


Prices and packages

Merit Aktiva plans are paid monthly. Prices listed do not include VAT. From 01.01.2023 the price of the license includes 2 companies, the price of each additional company is 2 € / month.
  • Merit Aktiva Standard

    Covers the needs of most small companies. Includes one master user and an unlimited number of users for entering sales…

    More info 19 €/month
  • Merit Aktiva Pro

    Extended functionality that is perfect for small and medium companies.

    More info 39 €/month
  • Merit Aktiva Premium

    The most powerful package that adds offers, orders and prepayments on top of the Pro features.

    More info 49 €/month