Merit Aktiva

Aktiva is easy to learn and use, and the possibilities included with it will satisfy even the most demanding professional. If you maintain accounting of a few companies, you will not need to pay any additional charges, as the number of companies is unlimited. Thanks to the cloud technology, you can distribute your work very easily, saving your valuable time.

If you need an accounting program that is easy to use and will cover all your needs, Merit Aktiva is the right choice. It will save you more time than any other program. You can use the cloud version of Aktiva anywhere and from any device which has access to the Internet.

Merit Aktiva is especially well suited for maintaining the accounting of a few companies, as the number of companies is unlimited and addition of new companies does not cost anything. Accounting done using Aktiva always conforms to the laws and good accounting practices.
Merit Aktiva is the most popular accounting program in Estonia, used by over 40 000 companies. It also includes free customer service which will assist you if you have substantial questions regarding both use of the program and accounting. It is hard to find anything that compares.

The cloud version of Aktiva allows many new possibilities which help to save a lot of time while working on accounting. These include, for example, import and automatic location of matches of bank statements, or sending and receipt of e-invoices, which is free only for users of Aktiva.
We develop Merit Aktiva in Estonia, but Estonia is not the only country where Aktiva is used. If you need to maintain accounting for Finnish or Polish companies, a special localised version is available for both these countries.

  •  You can find more information regarding Finnish Aktiva on the website
  •  In Poland Aktiva is known under the trademark 360 Księgowość. The Polish website is

Things that Merit Aktiva users value the most

  • The program is very easy to learn and use.
  • Unlimited number of companies without additional charge.
  • Free customer support via telephone and e-mail.
  • The price includes all updates – you will never have to pay any additional charges.
  • The cloud version allows you to add an unlimited number of users for entry of sales invoices.
  • All data is securely stored on a safe server. Our security level is the same as the security level of Internet banks.
  • Documents can be corrected.
  • You can start work and try Aktiva using the free package, which allows you to enter 100 sales invoices, 100 purchase invoices, and 100 ledger entries. There are no other limitations, and the period of use for the free version is also unlimited. If you decide to switch to the full working version, all your data will be preserved.

Get started with your free trial today

The trial package is a completely free version of Merit Aktiva offering all features of the extended Premium package without any time limitations. You can enter up to 100 sales invoices, 100 purchase invoices and 100 ledger entries with all your trial data transferred to the subscription afterwards. No data loss, no reduced functionality!


Prices and packages

Merit Aktiva plans are paid monthly or yearly. Prices listed do not include VAT.
  • Merit Aktiva Standard

    Covers the needs of most small companies. Includes one administrator account and an unlimited number of users for entering sales…

    More info 156
  • Merit Aktiva Pro

    Extended functionality that is perfect for small and medium companies.

    More info 252
  • Merit Aktiva Premium

    The most powerful package that adds offers, orders and prepayments on top of the Pro features.

    More info 324