Merit Aktiva

If you want to send sales invoices to your customers or maintain the accounting of your company yourself, Merit Aktiva will let you do that very easily. You can ask our consultants for help, obviously, free of charge. With the new cloud version you can share your work with the accountant.

Merit Aktiva is the only program with which a business owner can manage accounting of his or her company himself or herself. This is possible thanks to the simplicity of Aktiva. You enter invoices and the bank, and Aktiva does the rest. If feels as if the accounting is done on its own.


Over the recent years there has been a trend that more and more business owners want to maintain accounting of their company on their own, either fully or partially. Such business owners comprise one third of all Merit Aktiva users. If you own this program, you have full control over who can access your data and what operations can be done with it. Not all accounting programs suit business owners. Many of them are too complex and require knowledge in the field of accounting. Merit Aktiva is an exception, as it was made specifically taking the needs of business owners into account.
You can use the cloud version of Merit Aktiva anywhere and from any device. Just open the program on your smartphone or tablet, and in a few moments you will have a complete overview of your situation. Sale, received and outstanding invoices, money balance in the bank, expenditure – you will have current information about everything. There is hardly anything more pleasant than sending invoices to customers. Nicely designed Aktiva invoices are like business cards, creating a professional impression of your company.

If you want to concentrate on your business and not think about accounting, leave more complex work to the accountant. The cloud technology gives you excellent possibilities for that. At the same time, you remain in full control.
We will be happy to offer you the assistance of our accountants, who will be able to check everything and complete more complex work (for example, turnover declarations and annual reports). Call us on 617 7111, and we will arrange which part of the work you want to do yourself and which you will leave for us.
You can also find an assistant from amongst our partners, whose data can be found on the partners’ page.
If you are expanding your business to the Finnish or Polish market, we are happy to inform you that you can also use Aktiva in these countries without the need to learn how to use new software. A special localised version is available for both these countries.

  • You can find more information regarding Finnish Aktiva on the website
  • In Poland Aktiva is known under the trademark 360 Księgowość. The Polish website is

Advantages of Merit Aktiva

  • The program is very easy to learn and use.
  • Free customer support via telephone and e-mail.
  • The price includes all updates – you will never have to pay any additional charges.
  • Our accountants or partners will help you maintain your accounting in good order.
  • The program can be used anywhere on any device.
  • An unlimited number of companies without additional charge.
  • You can start work and try Aktiva using the free package, which allows you to enter 100 sales invoices, 100 purchase invoices, and 100 ledger entries. There are no other limitations, and the period of use for the free version is also unlimited. If you decide to switch from the free version to the full working version, all your data will be preserved.
  • Everybody makes mistakes every now and then, but only Aktiva allows you to correct them in a simple way.

We recommend you to try Merit Aktiva

The free Aktiva package allows you to enter 100 sales invoices, 100 purchase invoices, and 100 ledger entries. There are no other limitations. The cloud version allows you to use all possibilities of the extended package. If you reach the maximum amount of the free package and transfer to the paid package, all your data will be preserved.


Prices and packages

Aktiva can be paid for with yearly or monthly payments. Prices listed do not include value added tax.
  • Merit Aktiva Standard

    Covers the needs of most small companies. Includes one user with administrator rights and an unlimited number of users who…

    More info 19
  • Merit Aktiva Pro

    This is the package with the great number of features. It covers all the needs of small- and medium-sized companies.

    More info 29
  • Merit Aktiva Premium

    This is the most powerful package. All features in Pro package plus offers, orders and prepayments.

    More info 39