Let us keep your accounting on track

You are great, and we want it to stay that way. We mean it – instead of wasting all your time and energy on fruitless multi-tasking, just sit back and trust your accounting responsibilities to us. Our specialists will take the maximum care in performing all the necessary technicalities and reporting, leaving you free to realise the potential your business has to offer.

Modern convenient and cost-effective cloud solution

Gone are the days when accounting work was all about delivering stacks of papers to the accountant’s office and waiting helplessly for weeks to receive any information about your financial situation. Nowadays, businesses need to process data fast and receive insights at a glance, all of which is possible thanks to our robust cloud technology.

With all of your data in the cloud, you will have full access to it from anywhere and on any device. Therefore, you can still stay up-to-date and perform simple things yourself, while our accountants manage the more complex tasks.

You are always in control

You decide what happens to your accounts. You can easily start managing many processes on your own thanks to a simple and automated interface, and you can restrict access to your data in the way that you wish.

It takes just a few clicks to revoke all the rights granted to third-party accountants or to choose another service provider.

What will you receive?

  • Confidence that your accounting system is always in perfect order.
  • Freedom to concentrate on your business instead of on accounting matters.
  • Consultations and assistance from professional accountants.


Call us +372 617 7111 or send an email to merit@merit.ee and ask for an offer!