We will help your company keep its accounting in good order

Doing everything yourself makes no sense – it only wastes the time which is so greatly needed for the development of your business. Fortunately, our company employs professionals which who do such work for you and make sure that you will have no problems related to submission of reports and other accounting procedures.

Our new cloud service is convenient and cost-effective

Surely you know how accounting was maintained in the past. Papers were carried to the accountant and back, and it was possible to get information about the situation in the company once a month at best.

Luckily, these times have passed. Thanks to cloud technology you can keep your hand on the pulse of your company at all times. Needless to say, that right information at the right time helps you make the best decisions and develop your business faster.

Since the data is located on the cloud server, Merit Aktiva ensures that you have full access to it from anywhere and at any time, even from your mobile device. And when necessary, you can issue invoices and do simpler things yourself.

You have to agree that sending a sales invoice to a customer is especially pleasant! Let our accountants check more complex transactions and data.

Of course, we will make sure that your accounting is maintained properly and that no problems emerge.

Call us 617 7111 and ask for an offer! We will discuss what you want to do yourself, and performance of which operations you want to leave to our accountants.

You will always maintain control

If in the future you decide to do all work yourself (because Aktiva is so simple and automated) or to choose another service provider, you can do that in Aktiva with just a couple of clicks. You are the main user of Merit Aktiva, full owner of your data, and the person who decides who has the right to perform which actions.

What will you get by using our service?

  • Confidence that accounting of your company is always in perfect order.
  • Freedom to concentrate on your business, not on accounting.
  • Consultations and the assistance of professional accountants.

Make your life simple and use our accounting service!

Call us on 617 7111 or write to merit@merit.ee and let us know about your wishes or just ask for additional information. Together we will find a solution suitable just for you.