About the company

We are all about listening, adapting and helping your business to grow in new ways.

Our story

Our story began 31 years ago, based on accounting, payroll and stock managing software that has remained our number one product ever since. It took us years of hard work and commitment to reach the point where we are now, with Merit Aktiva and Merit Palk being the market leaders in Estonia and quickly expanding into foreign markets.

Our users know the value of transparency, convenience and excellent customer service. And we are determined to provide help that will save time, drive better business results and contribute to a thriving economy.

Merit Aktiva and Merit Palk are effective and accessible cloud-based tools for both accountants and small business owners, which facilitate collaboration between these two types of users while keeping the operations simple and secure.

With several new markets on our horizon, we are currently working closely with our subsidiary in Poland to offer completely localised versions of our software. Meanwhile, small businesses all over the world are asking for robust accounting and payroll applications – and we are responding.

Polish subsidiary
Merit Aktiva Sp. z o.o.


Reliable customer support

Our solution is designed to be easy to use and to deliver an intuitive experience with smooth operations that will always keep your data safe. You can have confidence in knowing that the software comes with customer and IT support offered by a fully qualified team of professionals who are committed to making your journey with the Merit applications a success by helping you to get the most out of the software, tackling any technical issues and by giving you valuable advice on accounting techniques.

  • Free customer support is available via telephone and e-mail. Get practical information about using the application, as well as answers to specific accounting questions. Call us on +372 776 9333 or send your thoughts to: klienditugi@merit.ee.
  • Personal consultations and training can be performed at our office or your location. Give us a call on +372 617 7111 to arrange an appropriate time.
  • Get in-depth help with technical issues. Contact us on +372 617 7111.
  • Regular in-class training courses are offered in Estonia, mainly in Tallinn and Tartu. Check the schedule and sign up for a course today.

Charity activities

Give more and take less

Our job is to develop excellent software, but our role in the public incorporates much more. We are a value-driven company that is committed to social responsibility, and we believe that our success is merely a tool to help those in need.
We are happy to be able to make a difference and to give our charitable support to several organisations, mainly those dealing with children and disabled people.

  • We give monthly donations to support the Estonian SOS Children’s Villages Association.
  • We have been distributing the Merit Aktiva and Merit Palk programs to the sub-organisations of the Estonian Chamber of Disabled People for free since 2008. This includes free yearly upgrades. Find the Estonian Chamber of Disabled People online at: epikoda.ee
  • Starting from January 2010, the Merit Aktiva accounting program and Merit Palk salary program were also offered for free to the sub-organisations of the Estonian Women’s Shelters Union: naisteliin.ee
  • MTÜ Maarjakodu has been given the use of the Merit Aktiva accounting program for free. Find them on the internet at: maarjakodu.ee
  • MTÜ Pärnu Diakooniakeskus has been given the use of the Merit Aktiva accounting program for free. Visit the website of Pärnu Diakooniakeskus at: parnudiakoonia.eu
  • The Maarjaküla Fund has been given the use of the Merit Aktiva accounting program for free. Read about Maarjaküla at: maarjakyla.ee
  • The Lapsepuue Fund has been given the use of the Merit Aktiva accounting program for free. Find more info about the fund at: lapsepuue.ee
  • MTÜ AIESEC has been given the use of the Merit Aktiva accounting program for free. Visit AIESEC at: aiesec.ee
  • Eesti Abi- ja Teraapiakoerte Ühing MTÜ has been given the use of the Merit Aktiva accounting program for free. Find more info about this nonprofit organisation: teraapiakoer.ee


Good education makes people happier, healthier and more capable of contributing to the world around them. We believe that everyone has the superpower to think big, to change society for the better and to initiate innovation – so we are encouraging institutions by sharing our resources and by helping to provide the right tools to the right people.

  • For schools. Educational institutions can benefit from the use of free Merit Aktiva and Merit Palk licenses in their work. There are currently more than 10 higher and vocational education establishments that are using our software for study purposes.
  • For teachers with a vision. Teachers and tutors who use our software in their daily work and for running a personal business (e.g. an accounting company) will receive a free license for the fully functional versions of Merit Aktiva and Merit Palk to use in their businesses as well.
  • For bright students. We provide students with free licenses for the Merit Aktiva and Merit Palk programs. As of today, more than 500 students in various higher education institutions have taken advantage of this offer. The terms and conditions may vary from those of the commercial license; however, the software still comes with full functionalities. Get the details here: merit.ee/tudeng