Merit Aktiva
State of the art accounting software for entrepreneurs and accountants

Merit Palk
Estonia’s leading payroll software

Cloud software – transforming the way you work

Get things done from anywhere, across all your devices. The cloud software is designed for PC and Mac computers, smartphones and tablets running on Windows, iOS, Android or Linux. And, rest assured – your data is safely stored on our server with enterprise-grade security. Our new cloud solution allows business owners and accountants collaborate, work more productively and focus on what’s really important.

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Delivering a streamlined user experience

What stands out the most about Merit Aktiva and Merit Palk is the ease of use. Your time is valuable, so why spend hours trying to wrap your head around a program when you could just dive right in and start working. Accounting and payroll calculation may be difficult, but Merit Aktiva and Merit Palk are not. Intuitive user interface with handy tools makes it a breeze to stay on top of your invoices and records.

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Peace of mind about service quality

More than 60,000 companies rely on Merit Aktiva for accounting and over 20,000 companies – totalling up to over 120,000 employees – have chosen Merit as their payroll software. Such a large number of users serves as a guarantee of timely updates, high reliability and smooth service.

31 years of experience
80,000 + companies use Merit Software for their accounting